About Us


If you are someone like me who envisioned your babies nursery even before you have started trying to conceive the options are endless, you can see the nursing chair in the corner with the little dull ABC lamp beside you on the newly painted chest of drawers. The bassinet is made up awaiting the arrival of the wee occupant - oh how exciting! 

Then bingo - positive pregnancy test! Woohoo so many feelings whilst still sitting on the loo.

Excitement, nervousness, wow ok I am going to me a mum - oh no, woohoo.

Some parents will wait a few months until they really start looking at baby products and realise some of those products you envisioned are a little more expensive than you thought - because hey lets me honest before when your dreaming of your babies nursery you weren't exactly looking at the price; more that cute little pink throw to go over the chair or that race car mat for your future race car driver. 

There were so many awesome products that I personally wanted when I was pregnant and couldn't justify the spenditure at the time so we went without, but some off those products would have been so useful and handy to have once our little boy arrived.

Snug As Baby offers quality affordable baby products which we have put our heart into finding for your wee one.

Our product range is small but we have thought about the products we offer, we will grow as a business and so will our range but for now we want to keep our product range snug just like your baby. 

Many thanks

Hayley xx